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  • Great folks to work with, professional, knowledgeable, courteous and truly caring.

    Michael W.

    Weaverville, Google
  • The staff here are wonderful to work with.


    Black Mountain, Google
  • This is my 2nd time utilizing the talents at this clinic.. and I’m beyond grateful for the attention this team shows their clients.. not only do I feel better after each visit.. I look forward to going just to see their smiles and enjoy their winning personalities.. I can’t thank Tyler, Lucas and Danny enough for getting me back to where I need to be so quickly! You guys are the real MVPs.

    Anika H.

    Black Mountain, Google
  • Superb team!

    Josh L.

    Black Mountain, Google
  • Southeastern Physical Therapy executed a rehabilitative program designed to improve my mobility and increase strength after shoulder surgery. The staff/therapists are always kind, empathetic and helpful. The staff/therapists are very professional and well informed about best practices; and are great about educating patients on the recovery process.

    Maureen T.

    South Asheville, Google
  • I had a knee replacement, and was so glad I found this group. A great team of physical therapists that encouraged and supported me throughout my rehab. I will return to this location when I have my other knee replaced. I strongly recommend this location.

    Richard W.

    Black Mountain, Google
  • I strained my quad half way through my soccer season. I was sure I was finished playing for the season, but decided to try Southeastern PT to see what they could do. They worked with me twice a week throughout the rest of the season and I was able to play every game. I really appreciated that they shared my goal of playing safely and within the limits of the injury, but still getting out there and giving it my best. I worked with Danielle and Barry. They gave me homework in addition to twice a week appointments. I followed the homework and didn’t miss an appointment, and Danielle and Barry made sure my effort paid off. They are professional and knowledgeable and I recommend them to anybody who needs PT. In short, I had an awesome experience at SouthEastern PT and highly recommend them to anybody who is in the market for their services.

    Brian S.

    South Asheville, Google
  • Excellent physical therapy practice. The therapists there know what they are doing, and they truly care about their patients!

    Debbie W.

    Waynesville, Google
  • Got me back to playing golf again. Outstanding staff.

    Doug M.

    Waynesville, Google
  • Great service…great price…great location!

    Johnny P.

    Weaverville, Google
  • The very knowledgable staff offers high quality, patient friendly physical therapy. A lively environment makes going to PT an enjoyable experience. The staff is professional and serious about providing the best quality care.

    Ed T.

    Waynesville, Google
  • My care provider was very attentive and helpful. She took a lot of time evaluating my pain and beginning a plan to recovery.

    Susan M.

    Weaverville, Google
  • I have been a patient of Southeastern Physical Therapy since April 2018. My physical therapy needs involve multiple areas of the body and I also have a complication of a rare, pain related disease. I have worked with all of the therapists and techs and they are all top-notch. The exercises are all beneficial in every aspect. I have improved so much and I am looking forward to improving more. The front desk staff is wonderful as well and will brighten your day.

    Jodi P.

    Weaverville, Google
  • This is a great Therapy Team. They go above and beyond for each individuals care. Thank You !!!!

    Rodney B.

    Black Mountain, Google
  • Steady improvement in my shoulder has been a great comfort to me. Very conscientious care from my therapist has been the key and motivated me greatly.

    Jack P.

    Weaverville, Google
  • The best PT I have ever received. The crew is very knowledgeable and without them I would not been able to move my shoulder. I would highly recommend them.

    Christine R.

    Waynesville, Google
  • Christine is amazing to work with. I truly appreciate the dedicated time and attention with each visit. Plus the icing machine and tens therapy after the session is the bomb diggity. Highly recommend.

    Christina C.

    Biltmore, Google
  • Best place with the best people. Can’t brag enough on how well I was taken care of.

    Kayla M.

    Waynesville, Google
  • Very friendly and encouraging team of professionals. You can tell they love what they do and the people the work with. A great place to go if you need help healing.

    Summer M.

    Weaverville, Google
  • Clara, Barry and the rest of the team helped me get back into the gym quickly after a quad strain. You are always welcomed by name and with a smile! Sessions are catered towards your personal goals as well. Highly recommend the staff at Southeastern Physical Therapy!

    Rylee R.

    South Asheville, Google
  • Had rehab for two problems the last two summers – very bad pulled hamstring and sciatic nerve. In both cases the staff was up front and said it would be a process. Work with us and you can get thru it. The whole staff was professional and first class. I am back to 100 percent and can participate in multiple physical activities. I would highly recommend Southeastern PT. Just have patience.

    Dale W.

    Waynesville, Google
  • My son had an concussion, had headaches for over a month. Was referred here, and the staff was great, very friendly. Worked with him an hour each time he went, and gave him home exercises. I can tell a huge difference. My sons headaches are gone, doing lots better in school. And it was very easy to get appts that worked around our schedule.

    Sheila R.

  • Therapist is caring & friendly. Tech & other staff are too. Feel welcome when you walk in.

    Angela G.

    Black Mountain, Google
  • Great place and great PT Specialist and staff. They are always friendly and welcoming when I walk in. They are helpful with making sure I understood the exercises and stretches that I needed to to do at home and even gave me pictures of what they look like, so that if I forget I can look at them. It was a good experience.

    William H.

    Fairview, Google
  • This awesomely diverse, creative and symbiotic staff makes my ACL reconstruction rehabilitation FUN and enjoyable, despute the physical discomfort. Barry is a true coach and has helped me dig deep and ignite the athlete within! Im so grateful for my experience thus far… Ill be sad to go.


    South Asheville, Google
  • Excellent physical therapy location. Very knowledgeable and very friendly. Great place to do therapy and get the best results! My PT progressed perfectly and pain management greatly improved. Much better results than other similar facilities. Highly recommend!


    Fairview, Google
  • Southeastern Physical Therapy is incredible. Jarred and the entire group did a wonderful job helping me recover and get where I needed to be physically and mentally. They helped me achieve my physical goals which gave me confidence and sense of accomplishment. Thank you to the entire group! I highly recommend Southeastern to anyone needing physical therapy. You can tell they are local and take a personal interest in every person that walks through the door. Thank you so much!

    Rick J.

    Fletcher, Google


  • The physical therapists at Turtle Creek are the Best!, Thanks to Barry, Amy, Amanda and the others for being very friendly, efficient, capable and keep it interesting with new and different exercises at each visit! I have had therapy there several times for the past 10 years and they have always gotten me back on track with knee, foot, hip, shoulder and neck therapy. (Their help has allowed me to still be active in my 70’s). I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Kathy S.

    South Asheville, FaceBook
  • I had knee surgery and I am very pleased with the way my therapy is going. I would highly recommend the Black Mountain location. All of the guys are great! Walter and Lucas are wonderful physical therapists and they most definitely know what they are doing. They both show that they care about how you are doing with your therapy.

    Billie C.

    Black Mountain, FaceBook
  • Highly recommended! Love this group of people! They make you feel like family! Best group of therapist! Yes even you Barry! I drove over an hour and it is so worth it!

    Connie F.

    South Asheville, FaceBook
  • My hips have never felt better! Awesome, friendly, laid back staff over on the North side location.

    Amy H.

    North Asheville, FaceBook
  • One session with Christine Dana at the Biltmore location, and I’m already feeling better. Most importantly, I now have hope I can navigate the new road osteoarthritis has placed me on.

    Megan N.

    Black Mountain, FaceBook
  • Very accommodating and helpful.

    Susan M.

    Weaverville, FaceBook
  • After going to p.t. for many years for lower back pain, Erin Passarrello at Southeastern is the first therapist who has actually helped me improve. The entire staff has been helpful, caring and supportive. I can’t recommend Southeastern highly enough!!

    Beth C.

  • Lucas and Trevor at the Black Mountain location, have been great with my 15 year old son. They are very friendly and always make us feel welcome! Thanks guys for all your help!

    Amanda D.

    Black Mountain, FaceBook
  • SE Physical Therapy is why I’m functioning today despite coming into their office with a myriad of back issues. Christine Dana at the Hendersonville Road location is the best medical professional I’ve ever dealt with due to her expertise, attentiveness, and ability to correct seizing muscle that was causing debilitating pain. If I ever need PT services again, I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

    Marcos B.

    Biltmore, FaceBook
  • Thank you sending out an amazing group of people to the Appalachian Games this past Saturday. They were a very dedicated and skilled group. Eased pain in my back and shoulder and were very attentive and supportive to all the athletes.

    Rita B.

  • Best place and people ever! I highly recommend Southeastern!

    Joey S.



  • Great office and clean. The physical therapist is caring, kind and has knowledge. You feel that they take time with you. Great location if you are in Fairview.

    Devin H.

    Fairview, Yelp
  • After a recent knee replacement I went to Southeastern Physical Therapy. I found them friendly, kind and knowledgeable. Although this is my first time going to physical therapy so I have nothing to compare them to except the therapy I received in the hospital, I would highly recommend them. I worked with 3 of the therapists and found all three excellent.

    Lynn P.

    Black Mountain, Yelp
  • It’s very scary when your orthopedic surgeon tells you to find your own physical therapist.  That was my situation when I broke my tibial plateau several months ago.  I took a chance with Southeastern Physical Therapy since they were close to my home.  I feel very blessed that my experience with them far exceeded my expectations.  Brenden Pelletier went above and beyond to help me walk again.  I am forever grateful.

    Margaret O.

    Weaverville, Yelp