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"I strained my quad half way through my soccer season. I was sure I was finished playing for the season, but decided to try Southeastern PT to see what they could do. They worked with me twice a week throughout the rest of the season and I was able to play every game. I really appreciated that they shared my goal of playing safely and within the limits of the injury, but still getting out there and giving it my best. I worked with Danielle and Barry. They gave me homework in addition to twice a week appointments. I followed the homework and didn’t miss an appointment, and Danielle and Barry made sure my effort paid off. They are professional and knowledgeable and I recommend them to anybody who needs PT. In short, I had an awesome experience at SouthEastern PT and highly recommend them to anybody who is in the market for their services."

Brian S. South Asheville August 19, 2019


"Great office and clean. The physical therapist is caring, kind and has knowledge. You feel that they take time with you. Great location if you are in Fairview."

Devin H. Fairview June 7, 2019