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Southeastern Physical Therapy Massage Western North Carolina

“Walking with those who seek peace, balance, and Oneness through Healing.”

Interpreting and understanding the signs our body gives us is key to healing, not just the physical self but the whole self. Our physical body is the sum total of our life experience. All our thoughts, beliefs, actions and all of our choices accumulate within our sacred body structure… our temple. The body becomes a road map showing us where we have been, where we are now, and where we need to go. It speaks to us with its “symptoms” (i.e. headaches, back pain, exhaustion, digestive issues, weight gain, etc.), which if we listen closely actually communicates our next steps to health and vitality.

Over a decade has passed since Debra began her journey as a Healer in a small college in Western Maryland. It was there she realized her skills for Therapeutic Massage and a gift for Energy Work.

“It was so exciting to me because I could connect with another human being without talking, without words, without anything other than presence… the essence of pure love.”

Through the years, Debra has worked with hundreds of people and found that Healing happens when the Mind, Body and Spirit are seen as precious parts that are mutually inclusive to the whole person. When we can connect what the Mind ‘thinks and believes’, what the Body ‘speaks and signals’, with that which is authentic to our Spirit, we deepen our awareness and find the answers we seek.

Debra has studied with Healers and Shamans, gathering skills that make her work unique to any other. Working with ancient wisdom and Eastern philosophies, deep listening skills, healing hands and an open compassionate heart, Debra customizes each session for your individual needs.

Working with the Chakra System, she can remove stuck energies and encourage healing, allowing these systems to flow in harmony once again. In combination with physical massage techniques when needed, this balancing work can reach people on a very deep level and therefore aid in the client’s quest for Oneness, bringing peace, balance, vitality, and a deep sense of serenity.

Current CPR Certified
North Carolina State Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (NC #10315)
Nationally Certified (#428468-00)
Member ATMA

Southeastern Physical Therapy Massage Western North Carolina